Enhancement Process

    Each regional user group can submit a Top 15 Enhancement Request list for CIF 20/20. Within CIF 20/20  there are some core auxillary products as well. Each regional group can also submit 2 enhancement requests for the following core complimentary products.
  • Enhanced Statements
  • Enhanced Loan Servicing
  • Loan Collateral Tracking
  • Mutual Funds Sweep
  • Tickler System
    For other JHA complementary products, each licensed institution can key in up to 5 enhancement requests for each of the following complementary products into the ESP system.
  • InTouch
  • Net Teller
  • Passport
  • Silhouette/Pinpoint
  • Streamline
  • Super IMAGE
  • Synapsys
  • TimeTrack
  • Vertex
      The website address for signing on to the ESP System is


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